Multiple goal conveyance in a state park interpretive boat cruise

TitleMultiple goal conveyance in a state park interpretive boat cruise
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBenton, GM
JournalJournal of Interpretation Research
Pagination7 - 21
Date Published2011///
AbstractThe qualitative case study examined interpretive programs for four sets of management goals. A proposed model, Four Conceptions of Interpretation, previously tested in national parks, was retested in a state park. The four conceptions are (a) connecting visitors to resources, (b) conveying agency mission and influencing behavior, (c) encouraging environmental literacy, and (d) promoting tourism. The hypothesis was that evidence of all four conceptions would be found in visitor recall of interpretive programs. Analysis found conceptions one and two strongly recalled by visitors. Conception three, environmental literacy, was conveyed by staff and moderately recalled by visitors. Conception four,tourism, identified in the Arkansas State Parks mission and opening dedication speeches, did not find its way into programs. Findings suggest that all four conceptions identified in foundational literature, mission, overall park vision, and staff interview did not trickle down into interpretive practice; it was not recalled by visitors in programs.