Promoting Education for Sustainability in a Vaishnava (Hindu) Community

TitlePromoting Education for Sustainability in a Vaishnava (Hindu) Community
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsChauhan, S, das, SRama, Rita, N, Haigh, M
JournalApplied Environmental Education & Communication
Pagination114 - 125
Date Published2009/04//
ISBN Number1533015X
Keywords*Original 959, 1AWB, 2WAC, BEHAVIORAL research, CLIMATIC changes, ECOLOGICAL impact, education, HINDU civilization, Include AWB, Include WAC, R1 FINAL INCLUDE, Round1 Include, Round2 Include AWB, Round2 Include WAC
AbstractEducation for a sustainable future aspires to increase pro-environmental behavior. This evaluates a project designed to help a British Vaishnava congregation reduce their ecological footprint by linking “Karma to Climate Change.” It employs a tented educational experience fielded at major Hindu Festivals. Participants are guided through a linked series of spiritual and environmental exhibits, a questionnaire, and a reflective discussion, then encouraged to pledge to change one aspect of their life. Analyses of pledges from the 2007 Janmashtami Festival reveal a desire to improve on actions already initiated and to add small, easily achievable changes.
Short TitleApplied Environmental Education & Communication