Remediating misconception on climate change among secondary school students in Malaysia

TitleRemediating misconception on climate change among secondary school students in Malaysia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKarpudewan, M, Roth, W-M, Chandrakesan, K
JournalEnvironmental Education Research
Pagination631 - 648
Date Published2015/05//
ISBN Number13504622
Keywords*Original 959, 1MCM, 2AWB, ATTITUDES toward the environment, BIOLOGY -- Study & teaching (Secondary), biology curriculum, climate change, CLIMATIC changes -- Study & teaching, EFFECT of human beings on climatic changes, environmental education, High School Students, High school students -- Attitudes, Include, Include MCM, MALAYSIA, R1 FINAL INCLUDE, remediating misconception, Round1 Include, Round2 Include AWB, Round2 Include WAC, SECONDARY education, secondary school
AbstractExisting studies report on secondary school students’ misconceptions related to climate change; they also report on the methods of teaching as reinforcing misconceptions. This quasi-experimental study was designed to test the null hypothesis that a curriculum based on constructivist principles does not lead to greater understanding and fewer misconceptions on acid rain, global warming, greenhouse effect, and ozone layer depletion than the traditional Malaysian curriculum. For this purpose, two classes from two different schools were randomly assigned to experimental (N = 35) and control condition (N = 38). Following the intervention, an ANCOVA with pre-test as the covariate showed statistically significant differences in understanding for all four topics; additional interviews with randomly selected students from experimental and control group further underscore the findings. Implications are discussed.
Short TitleEnvironmental Education Research