Success Effect of Documentary Use in Teaching of Global Warming Subject

TitleSuccess Effect of Documentary Use in Teaching of Global Warming Subject
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMutlu, M, Tokcan, H
JournalInternational Journal of Academic Research
Pagination263 - 268
Date Published2013/09//
ISBN Number20754124
Keywords*Original 959, 1RRP, 2AWB, Academic Success, Documentary, EDUCATIONAL films, environmental education, global warming, Include, Include RRP, MOTION pictures in education, R1 FINAL INCLUDE, Round 2 Include RRP, Round 2 Review 2 RRP, Round1 Include, STUDENT teachers -- Education, STUDY & teaching, Teacher Candidate, Teaching Methods, VIDEO tapes in education
AbstractThis study has been done to identify the effect on academic success of documentary use in teaching of "global warming" subject to the teacher candidates. Pretest-posttest control group quasi-experimental method has been utilized in the investigation. A total of 79 teacher candidates who have taken the Environmental Sciences course during the 2012-13 academic year from the Science Teaching Department of Nigde University have been included in the study. Experimental Group teacher candidates were exposed to 'global warming' course with documentary film use while the Control Group was subjected to traditional instruction methods. Prior to and after the study application, teacher candidates participated in success pretest and posttests. For data analysis, t-test has been applied.In findings of analyses conducted, it has been observed that documentary supported teaching of experimental group has yielded higher success increaseas compared to the control group with traditional instruction. This result demonstrates that the use of supporting documentaries in teaching of "global warming" subject is more effective in comparison to a traditional instruction methods.
Short TitleInternational Journal of Academic Research