The Use of Technology by Nonformal Environmental Educators

TitleThe Use of Technology by Nonformal Environmental Educators
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPeffer, TElizabeth, Bodzin, AM, Smith, JDuffield
JournalThe Journal of Environmental Education
Pagination16 - 37
Date Published2013/01/01/
ISBN Number0095-8964
Keywordsenvironmental education, learning technologies, nonformal environmental education, technology, technology attitudes
AbstractThis study examined the use of instructional and learning technologies by nonformal environmental educators. A 40-question survey was developed to inquire about practitioner demographics, technology use in practice, and beliefs about technology. The survey consisted of multiple choice, open-ended questions, and a Likert-type scale component—the Technology Attitudes, Perception, and Support Scale (TAPS) (Cronbach's a = 0.809). TAPS examined philosophies about technology use, self-efficacy, and perceived obstacles to technology integration within environmental education contexts. Findings revealed a philosophical acceptance and willingness to use technology in environmental education instruction; however, few integrate learning technologies into their instructional venues to enhance cognition and learning and there was concern that technology might have negative consequences on student connection to the natural environment. No single factor appears to influence environmental educator decisions to incorporate technology into non-formal settings.