CLEAN Videos on Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Wildfire


These two videos (one about the link between climate change and extreme weather events; the second about the link between climate change and wildfires) have been spotlighted by the CLEAN network as useful resources for educators. All CLEAN resources have been vetted by climate scientists and educators. CLEAN supports teaching and learning about climate and energy with 600+ free peer-reviewed, scientifically accurate, and classroom-ready resources. 

Wild Weather Interactive: This resource independently guides students on an investigation of extreme weather events using a slide set with embedded images, animations, and visualizations. It is module 8 of the Satellite Meteorology course.

Audience: Grades 7-12
Activity time: 1-2 hours

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Climate Change and Wildfires: This video from ClimateCentral looks at the way climate conditions can affect vegetation in the West, and what influence this has on wildfires. Drought and rainfall can have very different wildfire outcomes, depending on vegetation type, extent, and location.

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