A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life


As a result of the proposal it is expected that public policies, research and teaching programmes would:

1) define the problems in the core of the “boiling pot” in view of a holistic, ecosystemic framework, instead of reducing them to the bubbles of the surface (effects, fragmented, taken for granted issues);

2) combine the four dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical) in the diagnosis and prognosis of the events, assessing their deficits and assets, as donors and recipients;

3) promote the singularity of (identity, proper characteristics) and the reciprocity (mutual support) between all dimensions of being in the world in view of their complementarity and dynamic equilibrium;

4) contribute for the transition to an ecosystemic model of culture, in order to deal with the problems of difficult settlement or solution in the world, as an essential condition for consistency, effectiveness and endurance.