Green School Getting Started Checklist


This free checklist of 12 simple priority actions from the Center for Green Schools will help make your school healthy, efficient, comfortable, and environmentally responsible. Each checklist includes first steps to getting started, resources to support your actions, related Learning Lab lessons to dive deeper into topics.

Priority Action Checklists

  1. Find your superstars
  2. Ready, set - wait, which bin do I put this in?
  3. What's a watt?
  4. Go behind the scenes
  5. Put the kids in charge
  6. Hey, what's this thing do?
  7. You are what you eat... and recycle, throw away, and compost...
  8. Let the sun shine in 
  9. You know it's dust, but what IS it?
  10. No really, what is that smell?
  11. Lights out!
  12. Carpooling - jump in, the water's fine!

Download Checklist (PDF)