The Issue With Tissue 2.0


"For most people, toilet paper only becomes an issue when it unexpectedly runs out. Otherwise, it’s cheap and it’s convenient, something we don't need to think twice about. But toilet paper’s ubiquity and low sticker price belie a much, much higher cost: it is taking a dramatic and irreversible toll on the Canadian boreal forest, and our global climate," wrote Jennifer Skene and Shelley Vinyard in "The Issue with Tissue: How the U.S. Is Flushing Forests Away."

So, what can we do? In 2019 and 2020, the National Resources Defense Council graded the most climate-friendly tissue products. Spoiler: Seventh Generation and Natural Value do well, Charmin and Scott do not. How about Trader Joe's and Kirkland? Explore the 2020 Sustainability Scorecard to find out, or better yet, bring it to the supermarket with you.