Michael Caduto Releases Premier Storytelling CDs



Michael Caduto is known for books and programs on environmental education and Earth stewardship, including Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun and the Keepers of the Earth® series. After presenting live to over 500,000 people throughout North America, the UK and the Middle East, Michael has recorded listeners’ favorite tales from around the world on two CD’s. Action, humor and drama are enhanced with sound effects, musical atmospherics and a menagerie of human and animal voices. Includes tales that received the Aesop Prize, Storytelling World and Skipping Stones Honor Awards. (Published by Luna Blu®) The Rainbow Garden: Tales of Wisdom (ages 5 to 10) The Wisdom of Nature and other Earth Tales (ages 11 and up) Order directly from P-E-A-C-E.net website.