Missing Species Report Project

Gerry Ellis
Gerry Ellis

The Missing Species Report project is part of the educational and community component for the Vanishing: Ten Species Your Children May Never See campaign developed by the Endangered Species Coalition. The goal is for young people and communities across the nation to use the project activities to become advocates and build support for efforts to save our endangered species.

The MSR includes a downloadable curriculum for four different grade levels, featuring information on how species become endangered and what individuals can do to protect them, the Endangered Species Act and related topics. Once instructors have reviewed the curriculum with students, they can prepare Missing Species Reports by answering a series of questions about one of the well known vanishing species.
Students can also use a template to create Missing Species Flyers (MSF), which resemble missing pet posters. They include a picture and description of the species and why they are endangered. The flyers can be displayed at the school, a local community center and other locations.
Visit the MSR website: www.missingspeciesreports.org to obtain additional information, as well as the curriculum that meets national common core standards for literacy and art, the species report and flyer templates, and additional resources to help students participate. Contact David Robinson, Education Director (drobinson@endangered.org), with any questions.