National Institutes of Health K-12 Science Education Resources


All of the NLM science education resources are free, engaging, and reliable.  Resources include websites, curricula, videos, etc. on a variety of health topics, including chemistry, environmental health, and genetics.

All of our resources are centrally located at the K-12 Outreach Activities & Resources webpage. This webpage lists materials to help introduce, reinforce, and supplement science and health education programs. Included on the webpage is a section for “Environmental Health Science/Chemistry”. These environmental health resources include NLM websites that cover a range of environmental health tools such as:  TO​XMAP which enables users to find EPA Superfund and Toxic Release Inventory locations and Tox Town which offers teachers environmental health class lesson plans.

In addition to the above information, NLM recently developed lesson plans to accompany the NLM exhibit “Native Voices”.  The “Native Voices” exhibition examines Native peoples’ concept of health and illness.  These lesson plans are designed to enhance the experience of visiting the “Native Voices” full-size exhibition located inside the main NLM building located on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda Maryland, or interacting with the Native Voices website.  Included in the list of lesson plans is a lesson plan based on environmental health.

Finally, NLM recently developed animations on the topics of water desalination and mercury, which we have up on our Environmental Health Student Portal. Below are the page links for mercury and water treatment. The user needs to scroll down to the video section.

Mercury Page
Water Treatment Page

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