Returning Warriors and Environmental Education Opportunities: Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Restoration for Veterans (Keith, 2013)


"On September 11th, 2012, people from the US military, from organizations that serve wounded veterans, and from academia gathered to spend three days to attend a Returning Warriors Fall Workshop at 4H
Camp Wabasso in Jefferson County New York, near Fort Drum. This 3 day workshop included interaction with outdoor and environmental education experts, scientists studying the value of nature contact and
outdoor recreation for returning warriors, land managers, veterans, and
managers of outdoor recreation programs for veterans. The objectives of
the workshop were to:
1. Develop recommendations for enhancing support of and investment in outdoor recreation and nature contact for returning veterans, especially those with wounds and
2. Develop recommendations for strategies for implementing environmental education with military youth and families. The workshop was funded by EPA’s National Environmental Education Training Program—EECapacity—which is housed in the Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab. It is an extension of work begun under USDA/CUAES Federal Formula Funds 2011-12-221: Returning Warriors: A Study of the Social-Ecological Benefits of Coming Home to Nature."