Rock and Pebble Painting, A STEM/STEAM Project --Subjects focused: Science and Art


Grades: K, 1, and 2

Activity: Outdoor & Indoor

Allow children and students to find rocks and pebbles during nature walk to the park  or school yard and let them learn to discover properties like hard, soft, rough, and smooth etc. through touching and engaging in discussions with peers and teachers.
Science Activity: 
Engage students in STEM and STEAM learning to identify rocks and pebbles during nature walk, allow discussions about the shape, size, color and surface texture of the rocks and pebbles and ask students to collect few rocks and pebbles to paint.
Materials Required:
 Rocks, pebbles, paint, glitter, glue, feathers and other materials to decorate.



Children collect rocks and pebbles. Ask them to bring their rocks and pebbles inside classroom. Ask students to paint the rocks and pebbles. When paint is dry, they can decorate it using the various materials like glitter and feathers.


Older children can use acrylic paint and finer brushes to make detailed painting. Younger children learn to paint, count and feel the surface of rocks and pebbles by touching.

This is a great way to incorporate Nature into an art project.

Watch children create beautiful Art work with the rocks and pebbles they have collected during a nature walk.