Press Release: NAAEE and NOAA Extend Transformative eeBLUE Partnership


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Press Release


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Stacie Pierpoint
Sr. Manager, Communications & Engagement


[Washington, D.C., January 17, 2024] — The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are embarking on another groundbreaking five-year eeBLUE partnership aimed at furthering environmental and science literacy to build more resilient communities nationwide. 

NOAA has awarded NAAEE $7 million to administer grants and programs that align with shared goals to cultivate robust partnerships and professional networks, share effective practices, build support for high-quality STEM education, and increase education and outreach for educators and other target audiences. This new round of funding and activities will build on the foundation of their initial eeBLUE collaboration from 2019–2023, amplifying efforts to support a society that understands the importance of environmental stewardship and actively engages in it.

Over the next several years, NAAEE, in partnership with NOAA’s Office of Education, will work to increase capacity for environmental literacy by pursuing six objectives: 

  • Facilitating partnerships and supporting networks 
  • Managing and supporting STEM-focused competitions, such as science fairs and grants 
  • Evaluating the impacts of NOAA-supported programs on communities 
  • Developing professional development opportunities for educators 
  • Developing educational opportunities for youth 
  • Developing and disseminating education and outreach materials 

“As we face pressing environmental challenges, the eeBLUE partnership is poised to be a beacon of inspiration, fostering a generation equipped to address and mitigate the complexities of our changing world,” says Louisa Koch, NOAA director of education. “By uniting the expertise and resources of NAAEE and NOAA, eeBLUE aims to leave an enduring legacy of environmental education that will shape a sustainable and resilient future.” 

“NAAEE’s mission to advance environmental literacy and civic engagement through education is closely linked with NOAA’s goals of a science-informed society, conservation and stewardship, and organizational excellence,” says Judy Braus, executive director of NAAEE. “The success of the first partnership and initiation of these new efforts serve as a testament to the shared commitment of NAAEE and NOAA to advance environmental education and foster a culture of sustainability.”

Learn more about eeBLUE, including two new NAAEE funding opportunities for Watershed STEM Grants and Aquaculture Literacy Grants. Applications for both open soon. Learn more: 


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