Diversity and Inclusion

The way we think… The way we act… The way we are. 

NAAEE is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in all aspects of our work. We believe that a wide array of perspectives allows all organizations to be more effective, and we honor the beliefs, attitudes, languages, interpersonal styles, and values of all individuals. Our goal is to create an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and equitable, and to employ the talents of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to accomplish the mission of NAAEE.

Diversity and NAAEE

NAAEE is dedicated to achieving greater diversity and inclusion within our own organization and providing equal opportunity to people of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, incomes, marital statuses, ages, geographic locations, philosophies, and veteran statuses in all levels of staff and governance. We are also committed to promoting principles that help build a more diverse and inclusive environmental movement and focus on promoting ecological integrity, economic prosperity, and social equity.

We recognize that cultural diversity exists in multiple dimensions, and includes differences among people that are not immediately visible. While we cannot heal all divisions and inequities in society, our work can help create unique opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and exchanges. The more diverse the audiences we work with, the stronger our movement will be. We are also committed to the lifelong learning that is required for effective diversity and inclusion work.


  • NAAEE hosts the eePRO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group that serves as a forum for ongoing discussions about the challenges, successes, and lessons learned in our efforts to reach and work with people and organizations representing diversity perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise. We encourage all interested participants to join the group and help us become more effective, relevant, and collaborative in our work with others. 
  • ee360 is NAAEE's latest initiative to grow, strengthen, and diversify the field of environmental education. ee360 is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in all aspects of our work. We are working with the Center for Diversity and the Environment (CDE) to provide training to help our network increase cultural competency and become more inclusive and relevant to the diverse communities in which we work. Learn more about ee360.
  • NAAEE has worked with the National Audubon Society to produce the next module in the Tools of Engagement series, which will focus on diversity and the conservation movement.   Download a copy of the module

Diversidad e NAAEE

NAAEE está dedicada a alcanzar mayor diversidad e inclusión dentro de nuestra organización, y también a ofrecer igualdad de oportunidades a gente de cualquier raza, identidad étnica, religión, género, orientación sexual, identidad sexual, habilidad física, nivel socioeconómico, estado civil, estado de excombatiente, edad, ubicación geográfica, y filosofía en todos los niveles de la organización. También nos comprometimos a promover los principios que nos ayudan a construir un movimiento medioambiental más diverso e inclusivo, y centrarnos en promover la integridad ecológica, la prosperidad económica, y la justicia social.

Reconocemos que la diversidad cultural existe en varias dimensiones, e incluye diferencias entre personas que no son visibles inmediatamente. Mientras no podemos curar todas las injusticias en nuestra sociedad, nuestro trabajo puede crear oportunidades para el intercambio intercultural. Trabajar con audiencias más diversas hará más fuerte nuestro movimiento. Además nos comprometemos al aprendizaje necesario para ser eficaces en llevar a cabo la diversidad e inclusión en nuestra organización.



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