Environmental Education Association of New Mexico

Primary Contact

Eileen Everett

P.O. Box 36958
Albuquerque, NM 87176
United States



The Environmental Education Association of New Mexico (EEANM), named 2017 Outstanding Affiliate by NAAEE, provides and promotes environmental education by offering opportunities for professional development, communication, and partnership to support participation by diverse communities within New Mexico. We work toward a culturally and geographically diverse New Mexico citizenry with the knowledge, skill, attitude, and commitment, to make informed decisions about their environment. Our work supports the implementation of high quality environmental education curricula, increases awareness for the benefits of environmental education, and provides networking opportunities and professional development through workshops, conferences, and summits.

EEANM released the second draft of the NM Environmental Literacy Plan in 2015, which provides a blueprint for implementing environmental education in the public schools, grades pre-K through 12. A large network of contributors participated in the plan development and revisions and the plan addresses the proposed federal legislation, "No Child Left Inside." In 2018, EEANM released a Statewide Inventory of K-12 EE Programs, a living document that can help guide the development of new programs, reduce overlap in programming, and ultimately serve as a platform for collaboration and partnership. In conjunction with the inventory, EEANM in partnership with educators around the state developed a Best Practice Tool for EE Program Development based upon NAAEE's Guidelines for Excellence for Nonformal EE Programs.

In 2015, EEANM launched the NM EE Certification Program, which was designed to meet the requirements for accreditation of NAAEE. The certification program, based on candidates developing a portfolio, ensures that NM environmental educators have the opportunity to achieve and be recognized for mastery of the NAAEE "Core Competencies" of certified environmental educators. Lastly, EEANM offers recognition through various awards annually including the Outstanding Service to EE Award, Rising EE Star, Outstanding Environmental Educator, Outstanding EE Organization, and the Dr. Richard W. Becker Award of Excellence in EE.



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