Blue Sky Funders Forum

475 Riverside Drive
Suite 960
New York, NY 10115
United States

In October 2015, NAAEE hosted the Blue Sky Funders Forum as part of the 44th Annual NAAEE Conference. This gathering, which featured a number of speakers representing private foundations, corporations, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits.

Supported initially by the Pisces Foundation, NAAEE, and an advisory committee comprised of representatives from private foundations, corporations, universities, and nonprofits, Blue Sky was designed to explore ways to advance environmental education at the national level and bring in more support for the field. The advisory committee hosted two national meetings of environmental education funders and leaders (in Oakland, CA in 2012 and Baltimore, MD in 2013). With more than 100 attendees at each gathering, the idea for an ongoing strategic collaboration was born. Following the Baltimore meeting, attendees expressed overwhelming support for formalizing an environmental education funders affinity group and many expressed an interest in joining what is now the Blue Sky Funders Forum.

The Forum was officially launched in September 2014, and the meetings in Ottawa (October 2014) and San Diego (October 2015) gave attendees a chance to learn more about the progress Blue Sky had made and provide input into the future activities of the Forum.

Blue Sky strives to unite great ideas and great people to support environmental literacy and connect children and nature. It provides learning and networking experiences, a vibrant supportive community, and essential tools that enhance the impact of funding for environmental education. NAAEE is proud to be part of this effort, and we are excited about the opportunities that it will bring to the field of environmental education.