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Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence

National Project for Excellence in EE’s Director Bora Simmons, and NAAEE Guidelines Writing Team Leader Michele Archie provide a personal introduction to NAAEE’s just-published Community Engagement Guidelines in the May edition of our monthly webinar series.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Moderator Endorsed: Guidelines for Excellence

Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence describes five key characteristics of effective community engagement. Case studies, drawn from the field of environmental education, are also included to illustrate how key ideas can be implemented.

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Do you teach environmental education at a college or university? Are you responsible for designing staff development? We've recently published five resource guides focused on each of NAAEE's Guidelines for Excellence publications. Visit the Guidelines for Excellence webpages and click on Workshop Resources or jump directly to: Here you will find a series of workshop outlines designed to help you plan and lead professional learning experiences focusing on the five Guidelines for Excellence publications produced through the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education. Each resource provides background information, an agenda for an all day workshop, activities and worksheets/handouts.


Green infrastructure, such as urban parks, community gardens, green buildings and green roofs, represents a network of human-managed and natural ecosystems that together enhance ecosystem health and climate change resilience, contribute to biodiversity, and benefit human populations through the maintenance and enhancement of ecosystem services.