California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education


Outstanding Affiliate Organization

The California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Learning (AEOE) has made great strides as an affiliate. Over the past three years, the Board of Directors has worked collaboratively to position AEOE as a statewide leader to expand access and strengthen the field of environmental and outdoor education in California. The most significant accomplishment in the last year was the hiring of their first Executive Director.
Outside of the traditional statewide conference, a professional learning network for managers has been developed in addition to regional Professional Development opportunities for field practitioners. By building a robust network of partnerships and collaborations, AEOE has recommitted its efforts to support informal and nonformal providers throughout the state. 
Hiring an Executive Director signifies their commitment towards fulfilling responsibilities as the California affiliate, ensuring that there is dedicated staff time for establishing organizational priorities, maintaining partnerships, expanding initiatives, and serving as the public voice of the organization. 
And finally, the Environmental Educator Certification Program continued to build momentum as they made progress towards establishing a statewide certification program for environmental educators.

Press Release

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