Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI)


Outstanding Affiliate Organization

The Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI) has seen a lot of growth within their organization over the past few years since contracting Sarah Livesay to work with them part-time. Now is an exciting time for the organization as they now have the capacity to hire staff and are beginning the difficult transition to hiring an Executive Director.

EEAI excels at networking and now serves as host to national, state-based and independent professional development events and curriculums such as Growing Up WILD, Project Learning Tree, and the Midwest Environmental Education Consortium.

Once every eight years, EEAI sponsors the Midwest Environmental Education Conference, which draws participants from throughout the nation and has been a huge success. EEAI also publishes the Illinois Environmental Education Update newsletter; the only periodical in Illinois devoted to current information and ideas about environmental education.

All of these accomplishments are made even more significant when you take into account the fact that EEAI has just one quarter time contractor and is otherwise run entirely by volunteers. This dedication represents distinguished service to the field of environmental education by showing that even without staff, we can accomplish great things for EE. 

Press Release

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