Dr. Nicole Ardoin

Associate Professor, Stanford University 2016

Outstanding Contributions to Research in EE

Nicole has an admirable record of scholarship, grant acquisition and service. She has a considerable record of achievement, bridging across all three criteria for this award.

Nicole’s record of scholarship is extensive. She routinely publishes in the top journals in the field, including a recent article published in Nature. She has developed a powerful set of research themes that serve her well. More importantly, her scholarly work is making a significant impact on the field of environmental education.

Nicole has obviously made a conscious effort to make substantial contributions to both the research- and practitioner-based literature. In addition to primary research, Nicole, along with colleagues, has helped to synthesize research literature, helping us all understand trends. She has also been instrumental in helping to translate research so that it is accessible to other researchers and practitioners alike. This is an essential activity that should be applauded. This kind of work builds capacity and strengthens the field.

Working in the San Francisco Bay Area with a consortium of environmental educator organizations, Nicole championed the inclusion of research activities and the use of research results in the development of their theory of change. She has helped published the very popular “Research Briefs” that connect research and practice, and she has been the lead partner with NAAEE’s Anecdotes to Evidence initiative to help demonstrate the value and impact of the field.

Nicole has made an impact on the rigor and efficacy of research and evaluation in the field of environmental education. It is anticipated that her work will continue to strengthen the field. With her recent tenure appointment, it’s clear that she has demonstrated the impact of EE at Stanford University, which did not have an EE presence before Nicole’s arrival. 


Nicole Ardoin

Press Release

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