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Walter E. Jeske Award

The Walter E. Jeske Award is NAAEE’s most prestigious award, given each year to recognize service to NAAEE and leadership within the field of environmental education. This award was established to honor Walt Jeske, Chief of the Education and Publications Unit with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. Jeske was a dedicated member of the NAAEE Board of Directors, and an outstanding environmental educator until his death in 1981.

Please note: Nominations may only be submitted by NAAEE members

The 2022 Call for Award Nominations is open! Deadline: August 8


  • An active NAAEE member with at least five years of membership
  • Occupies, or has occupied, a leadership role in NAAEE and has made leadership contributions to the field of EE in addition to contributions emanating directly from his/her salaried duties
  • Must have received clear recognition of her/his overall contributions among EE colleagues and within NAAEE
  • Must have worked in the field of EE for at least 15 years

2004 Winner
Judy Braus, World Wildlife Fund Judy Braus

2003 Winner
Carol Fialkowski, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL Carol Fialkowski

2002 Winner
Paul Hart, University of Regina Paul Hart

2000 Winner
Bora Simmons, Northern Illinois University Bora Simmons

1999 Winner
Trudi Volk, Southern Illinois University Trudi Volk

1996 Winner
Lori Mann, Coyote Point Museum & Talbert Spence, National Audubon Society Lori Mann

1995 Winner
Gus Medina, Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) Augusto Medina

1994 Winner
John Judy, The Tennessee Valley Authority

1993 Winner
Rich Mrazek, University of Lethbridge Rick Mrazek

1992 Winner
Richard Wilke, University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point Rick Wilke

1990 Winner
Edward J. McCrea, US Fish & Wildlife Service Edward McCrea

1989 Winner
Lillabelle Holt, University of Alaska

1988 Winner
Robert E. Roth, The Ohio State University Robert Roth

1987 Winner
William B. Stapp, University of Michigan

1986 Winner
Rudolph J. H. Schafer, California Department of Education

1985 Winner
David L. Hanselman, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry David L Hanselman

1984 Winner
John F. Disinger, The Ohio State University

1983 Winner
Harold R. Hungerford, Southern Illinois University

1982 Winner
Clay Schoenfeld, University of Wisconsin