NOAA B-WET Regional Grantee Workshops

NOAA B-WET is a competitive grant program that funds locally relevant, authentic experiential learning for K-12 audiences through Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs). NAAEE provides support for B-WET regional meetings to support collaboration and grantee capacity building. 


caption: The Malama Learning Center project, Promoting Place-based Education and Restoration of the Wetland and Watershed of Nānākuli, has been working with local students to restore an estuary that is known only as ‘stink pond’. Working with students to engage the community, invasive plants are being removed and replaced by native plants both at the beach and in the surrounding watershed. Student projects have focused on how to restore the site. On April 11, students presented their findings to community as part of an annual Ho’ike (end of year celebration). The audience consisted of over 200 community members and a State House representative and a State Senator (Malama Middle School).