Reporting and Management

Accurate and timely progress and final reports that detail achievements and costs

NAAEE serves as the managing partner for ee360’s partnership of universities, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. The Project Leadership team of NAAEE staff Judy Braus, Executive Director of NAAEE, Anne Umali, Project Manager for ee360, and Drew Price, Operations and Program Manager, as well as Ginger Potter, Senior Environmental Education Specialist at U.S. EPA, are providing programmatic and financial oversight for all project tasks, including those for which the fiscal management rests with other organizations. ee360 is a cooperative agreement with EPA, which means this project is uniquely positioned to have EPA serve an active role in all aspects of the development and implementation of the work. 

NAAEE is committed to promoting ee360’s diversity, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, empowerment, and transparency values. We have built a dynamic and innovative team of NAAEE staff, nonprofit and university experts, and federal partners that will use adaptive management as a strategy for continuous improvement and reflection, and ensure all partners feel included and valued.