In-Service: Civic Engagement

In-service training of educators, trainers, and organizations to expand implementation of Strands 3 and 4 from Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines For Learning (K–12)

Earth Force is focusing on identifying and training educators, trainers, and organizations in Skills for Understanding & Addressing Environmental Issues, and Personal & Civic Responsibility, Strands 3 and 4, respectively, from Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning (K–12). Their civic engagement training program focuses on two models: 

  • A series of train-the-trainer events that target individuals representing organizations currently supporting EE in classrooms. As a result of participating in the train-the-trainer program, representatives will be prepared to integrate civic engagement skills training into their existing environmental education programs.
  • Direct engagement with in-service educators. These educators will develop the skills and knowledge to incorporate environmental investigations as the means to meet standards-based requirements. 

Earth Force is committed to working with underserved communities across the country, targeting cities with large underserved populations, and within those cities, focusing on areas that have been particularly hard hit by environmental challenges.