Learn how address and respond to climate change in the areas of food, energy, transportation and the built environment (cities) through this free (without certification) Massive Open Online Course on Coursera.


Our website offers a unique and well-organized climate change timeline. This timeline describes all of the early science leading up to the discovery of climate change as well as the main political policies and movements to legitimize the idea of climate change in our country.


Passing It On is a digital storytelling project made possible by a partnership between Great Smoky Mountains Association and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This project guides students in the creation of written reports and mini-documentaries based on interviews with community elders about a Smokies-related theme.

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Now more than ever, the choices we make as a species will determine the world we leave for future generations. With PlanetVision, the California Academy of Sciences offers a blueprint for a sustainable future. By focusing on straightforward, effective actions that individuals, communities, businesses, and governments can take to improve our food, water, and energy systems, solutions to these global challenges are in sight.


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