Celebrating our 50th Anniversary Together

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SCS Engineers and the NAAEE

Over the past 50 years, SCS Engineers has earned a leadership role in solid waste management and environmental services, which would not have been possible without client and industry support. Today, SCS’s work supports a wide range of environmental solutions in different industries and business sectors. As an ESOP company, SCS employees own shares in SCS Engineers and all its practices. The founders felt that ownership inspires better performance and that SCS’s staff deserved control in the decision-making and direction of the company. Recognizing that industry associations benefit both employees and clients, SCS stays involved and active in hundreds of associations and local communities, supporting the great work needed to create a better future for all. 

Fundraising for the Future

NAAEE has a 100% rating through Charity Navigator.

Both SCS and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) share their 50th anniversary this year. As part of this celebration, SCS’s annual fundraising drive will support NAAEE’s mission to deliver education we need for the world we want. This fundraising drive is being managed by the SCS Young Professional Planning Committee and will run from August 9 through September 3, 2021.  

Our contributions will help NAAEE to build a more just and sustainable future using the power of education. As the world faces unprecedented environmental, social, and economic challenges—from a changing climate and loss of species and habitats, to decreasing access to nature, the unequal distribution of resources, and other threats to our well-being—environmental education has the potential to transform lives and society by addressing these challenges through helping to create a motivated and committed citizenry.

Your donation will support NAAEE on its ambitious goals to:

  • Work toward a future in which every young child can access high-quality education that includes nature and the environment every day;
  • Strengthen climate change education, including mobilizing a network of partners around key policy opportunities and providing professional development activities for educators; 
  • Build a green workforce that leverages the full and vibrant diversity of our society to achieve a more sustainable future for all; and
  • Invest in leadership and civic engagement for a stronger and more inclusive environmental movement.

As NAAEE turns 50, your tax-deductible support and partnership will foster leaders, uplift communities, and together, create a more just and sustainable future.


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Charlotte Clark, Past Board Chair


Danni Washington, Vice Chair


Jaime González, Board Secretary


For five decades, the North American Association for Environmental Education has worked to strengthen and expand the field of environmental education, with a growing network of support including:

Driving Excellence and Innovation

EE Resources: NAAEE’s Guidelines for Excellence series is the most widely accepted standard for effective practice in environmental education around the globe. NAAEE’s website, including eePRO, is a hub for resources and networking for environmental education professionals around the world. The ee360 initiative supports a diverse cadre of environmental education leaders to increase environmental literacy for everyone, everywhere.

eeBLUE: NAAEE and NOAA are working together to increase environmental and science literacy among NOAA partners and external networks. NAAEE is also collaborating with NOAA to administer a Watershed STEM Education Partnership program, an initiative designed to integrate high-quality STEM programming into 21st Century Community Learning Center program sites.

Research and Practice: Through eeWORKS, NAAEE and Stanford University are working with several partners to highlight existing research that demonstrates the impact of EE and helps translate research into practice.

Investing in Leadership

EE 30 Under 30: Each year, NAAEE awards 30 high potential leaders under 30 years of age who are creating change in their communities using EE. We provide professional development and networking to build their capacity as leaders in our field.

Broadening the Conversation: NAAEE, through a cooperative agreement with US EPA and seven partner organizations, is leading an ambitious five-year initiative called ee360 to support a diverse cadre of environmental education leaders who are better prepared to increase environmental literacy and advance civic engagement.

Cultivating Collaboration

Annual Conference: NAAEE has convened an annual conference for environmental education professionals since 1972. Averaging more than 1,200 participants each year, the event is designed to promote innovation, networking, and learning.

Early Childhood Environmental Education: In 2013, NAAEE launched the Natural Start Alliance—a coalition of educators, parents, and organizations focused on linking early childhood education with EE to connect young children with nature and enhance opportunities for creative play and learning.

Global Environmental Education Partnership: In partnership with US EPA and the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration, NAAEE is creating a vibrant learning network designed to build capacity for environmental educators around the world.

Serving as a Champion

EE Advocacy: Since its inception, NAAEE has helped lead policy and outreach efforts in North America. NAAEE highlights key opportunities to get involved in strengthening public support for environmental education.

Civic Engagement: NAAEE collaborates with the civic engagement education community to strengthen leadership and support initiatives that will advance our collective work to build a more engaged and environmentally literate citizenry.

Connect with NAAEE today and join us in creating a more sustainable future together.