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With climate change at the forefront of the news for many reasons, we face some difficult questions in what we can do to slow down its progress. Local youth are making a big impact and can teach us about what we can do moving forward.

Climate Dialogue Participants
Winona County Minnesota Climate Dialogue Participants

Rural communities are hard hit by changes in weather and climate, but often left out climate discussions. The Jefferson Center in St. Paul, MN, used a citizen jury model to create Rural Climate Dialogues, engaging rural residents with the resources and information they need to think critically and create sustainable community solutions. Their representative recommendations address actual community needs, which are presented to local, state, and national policymakers.


Even after 40 years (40! Can that be true?), I continue to love attending the conference. As a student, a museum educator, an independent contractor, and even now as NAAEE’s conference manager, I’ve relished this week as it breathes life into both my personal and professional spirits. Each year, I’ve built on existing relationships and I’ve come away with friends and colleagues, new hope, and new perspectives that have greatly enhanced my career and beyond.