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Illustration, four people holding puzzle pieces.

Green 2.0's 2021 NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card offers questions for reflection for all those working in environmental education. If you identify as a young or emerging professional, please join the YEP Group on November 22 for a short conversation about HR practices, including those discussed in the report, such as transparent salary and promotion processes, training and mentoring programs, and diversity and inclusion efforts.

Gladstone Elementary School 21st CCLC and NOAA/NAAEE participants in the Mystic Aquarium program adopting their local watershed and doing a marine debris clean up.
Students working outside, adopting their local watershed. Photo by Ayana Melvan.

Each month, Watershed STEM Grantees will share stories about implementing their projects, adapting to challenges, and working collaboratively towards a blue planet in the eeBLUE: Watershed Chronicles blog posts on eePRO. Join us on their journeys! This month, Ayana Melvan, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Mission Programs at Mystic Aquarium shares her professional journey.