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Students visited the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute to learn how seagrass levels have been impacted in the Indian River.
Students visited the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute to learn how seagrass levels have been impacted in the Indian River. Photo credit: Christian Adair.

Environmental educator Danny Woolums shares how Lexington youth are connecting with their communities and local ecosystems through the CEE-Change Fellowship.

Three circles signifying awards

Deadline: August 8. Do you know of an individual or organization that has accomplished great things in environmental education? You probably do! This is your chance to recognize the wonderful work of incredibly hardworking individuals and organizations for the benefit of the environment.

Two people kneeling on a sandy dune, planting dune grass
RiSC Dune Grass Planting. Photo credit: Teri Brennan

Youth-led action and nature-based solutions for climate mitigation are the focus of two programs at the National Wildlife Federation. Read how fieldwork and research are powering the students' next steps.

Summer training for four Difference Maker Mentors smiling while they stand in a forest creek.
Difference Maker Mentors summer training. Photo credit: L. Cisneros

The “Difference Makers Mentors” facilitates environmental education programming that is equitable, culturally sustaining, and welcoming to students. This pertains especially to those who have been historically marginalized within the science and environmental field, and serves as a supportive partnership for environmental action projects tailored to students’ interests, identities, and local community needs.

Photograph of tree silhouettes with a bit of sunshine peeking out

Access to nature can reduce anxiety, green schoolyards can impact students’ physical and socioemotional health, and environmental education can improve health-related quality of life. As environmental educators, we’re familiar with nature’s many gifts, including that of wellness and health. In this blog post, we’ll look specifically at how Geechee communities in Georgia supported and prioritized community health.

Photograph of massive blue and green snow layers from a glacier, tightly condensed

During Black History Month and beyond, we want to share the inspiration and strength of regional, place-based initiatives that address Black history in nature and relate to this year's theme, Black Health and Wellness. Charting the ways personal histories unravel the self, this collage of conversations between Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous Alaskans maps paths toward healing.