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Gladstone Elementary School 21st CCLC and NOAA/NAAEE participants in the Mystic Aquarium program adopting their local watershed and doing a marine debris clean up.
Students working outside, adopting their local watershed. Photo by Ayana Melvan.

Each month, Watershed STEM Grantees will share stories about implementing their projects, adapting to challenges, and working collaboratively towards a blue planet in the eeBLUE: Watershed Chronicles blog posts on eePRO. Join us on their journeys! This month, Ayana Melvan, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Mission Programs at Mystic Aquarium shares her professional journey.

Sun shines on 3 individuals hiking at dusk

Doors are opening for environmental education across the U.S. Thanks to innovative state and local policies, we’re seeing increased support and recognition for the power of EE in our daily lives. Six recent policy wins illuminate the success of advocacy work across the field of EE.

Older kids crouched to the ground, hands pulling weeds.
Photo Credit: Oxbow Eco-Center
Moderator Endorsed: K-12 EE

In this eeBLUE Watershed Chronicles blog post, Kirsi Johnson from St. Lucie County, Florida, Environmental Resources Department, and Oxbow Eco-Center share how they were able to bring meaningful watershed experiences to students despite limitations caused by COVID-19.

An illustration of a colorful quilt with lightning bolts and at the bottom columns of Japanese script.

How did one of the largest cities in Japan with a population of 3.75 million reduce garbage waste production by 43%? This GEEP case study sets out to investigate exactly how the Eco-Picture Diary Environmental Education Project reduced waste through effective environmental education.


Where were the first steps you remember taking outdoors? As a child, did you find yourself mesmerized by summer fireflies or with the icicles of winter? Reflections on early environmental experiences can provide EE professionals with renewed motivation. Share your memories and the values gained, by writing a blog post on eePRO!