Moderator Endorsed: Affiliates
Moderator Endorsed: Affiliates

Affiliate Network 2.0 Draft Goal Survey- Closes March 23

Dear Affiliate Leaders,

State, provincial, territorial, and regional environmental education associations are like charging stations that power and sustain environmental education programs throughout North America. When linked together through the NAAEE Affiliate Network, we make up an extensive circuitry of programs, initiatives, and supports to energize our field. The Affiliate Network 2.0 Working Group has been thinking about how to ensure that our network remains strong and healthy so that ideas, learnings. and successes can flow easily across the network, powering ongoing innovation.  In order to do that, we need your voice and feedback!

As promised in an email update last week, we’re seeking your input on a set of draft goals for the Affiliate Network. We invite you to provide feedback on behalf of your Affiliate organization using this simple survey. As you know, the Affiliate Network 2.0 Working Group drafted the following goals for the network as part of a months-long facilitated visioning effort: 

The NAAEE Affiliate Network advances environmental literacy to create a more equitable and
sustainable future. As a network, we collaborate on joint efforts and share learning in order to:

  1. Build the capacity of individual NAAEE affiliates, NAAEE, and the Affiliate Network to advance the field of Environmental Education
  2. Increase equity and inclusion in Environmental Education through initiatives at individual NAAEE affiliates, NAAEE, and the affiliate network
  3. Reach more people and increase support for EE through joint Advocacy and Messaging
  4. Advance additional efforts to be a just, effective, and innovative network as they emerge 

These draft goals were developed based on two years’ worth of feedback from Affiliate leaders gathered as part of Affiliate workshop activities at the annual NAAEE conference. Your feedback is essential to help us improve on the draft goals as we seek the continuous strengthening of the Affiliate Network. We ask you to complete the survey by the close of business on March 22nd to share your thoughts! 

Our hope is that we receive feedback from at least 3-5 voices representing board members and staff from every Affiliate in our network!

Have questions or want to provide feedback on the goals in some other way? Feel free to reach out to one or all of us anytime! 

Katie, Sarah, and Bruce

Katie Navin 

Sarah Bodor

Bruce Young