ee360 Leadership Clinic Opportunity

As part of ee360, NAAEE and the Affiliate Network will be holding a Leadership Clinic in June. The five-day clinic will provide an opportunity for selected Affiliates to strengthen their roles as leaders within their states, advancing effective environmental education with larger and more diverse audiences.

The Basics
At the clinic, teams from up to 10 states will:

  • Work together to develop a capacity building plan with demonstrable and measurable goals to move their organizations forward
  • Network with other Affiliates, both informally and through structured discussions
  • Develop individual and organizational skills in areas identified in advance by participants (such as cultural competence, fundraising, and organizational management).

The clinic is scheduled for June 23–28, 2019 at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California. There will be additional training and collaboration at the NAAEE conference in Lexington, Kentucky in October 2019.

This year's clinic is open to states that are well positioned for advancement based on a brief application process. States that participated in the 2017 clinic are not eligible to apply, but one or two representatives may attend in a leadership and mentoring capacity. Year 1 team leaders will receive separate information about this. 

What You Get
Here's what NAAEE will provide to participating states:

  • Funds for travel, lodging, and meals for teams of five people per state to the five-day Leadership Clinic
  • Travel scholarships to support team participants' attendance at the NAAEE conference in Lexington (approximately $5,000 per state)
  • Training and resources in areas of identified needs
  • Ongoing support for implementing Affiliate capacity building plans

Your Commitment
Here's what NAAEE expects of participating states:

  • Respond to pre-clinic planning questionnaires, including an organizational assessment tool and input on training needs
  • A team of five people in leadership roles with your Affiliate, including at least one current board member, attends the June 23–28 Leadership Clinic (all days required of all participants)
  • Develop a state capacity building plan that includes measurable and meaningful outputs/outcomes that can be completed by early December 2019
  • A team of at least three people (preferably from within the same team of individuals) attends the NAAEE conference, October 16-19, 2019 in Lexington, and participates in additional training and collaboration
  • Make demonstrable progress on identified plan outcomes by the NAAEE conference in October and achieve outcomes by December 2019
  • Participate as requested by ee360's outside evaluators

Next Steps
To help us select the 10 participating states from among those qualified, please respond to this brief application and return it to no later than Friday, April 5.

In recognition of the great work that Affiliates do on behalf of our planet, applicants will be notified of the selected states on Earth Day, April 22




Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about this opportunity. We participated in this Clinic during Yr 1 and it was a great opportunity for our board!