Ek Prithvi (One Earth): Building Conservation Leadership Through Education

One of the biggest challenges to conservation in India is the rate at which the environment is degrading and natural resources are depleting. While development is inevitable, it is possible to achieve it in a sustainable manner which ensures the preservation of the environment.

Education has been globally recognised as a key solution to achieving sustainability in development. It is imperative that the young generation builds appreciation for nature and sees value in its preservation to avoid further irreparable damage to our planet. Experts in environment and education are convinced that environment education should go beyond books to equip students to make informed decisions and build skills to take environmentally responsible actions for their immediate surroundings.

WWF-India’s Ek Prithvi (One Earth) programme is an empowering action model where the whole school is motivated to explore, understand and apply the principal of sustainability in their school ecosystem.

Ek Prithvi embeds the approach of environment education into the schools’ education system through knowledge, skills and action competence. Ultimately, motivating the school to adopt pro-conservation attitude and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Ek Prithvi aims to achieve the following through a whole school approach:

  • Enhance knowledge and awareness about the local environment.
  • Inculcate pro-environment behaviour and conservation mindset.
  • Develop skills and action competence among students and educators enabling them to convert their own school, home and community into environmentally conscious entities.

Started in 2016 with one state, Ek Prithvi is currently being implemented in 9 states across India. It is empowering more than 100 schools, 200 teachers and building leadership in more than 25,000 students in India.

Read more about Ek Prithvi's program design, objectives, and monitoring and evaluation here.

Learn more about WWF-India's environmental education programming here.


What a great way to engage the students! Do we have any such initiative in the US by WWF where we can engage the school and the local government? I run an Environmental club at my kids school. I just suggested this to my school board that environmental education should be a common theme in the whole district. It will be wonderful if there is a statewide program where we can teach and engage the teachers and principal too.