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NTEN says goodbye to Facebook

I'm not sure how many folks in this group are familiar with NTEN, a nonprofit technology network (https://www.nten.org/), but they recently put out a statement regarding Facebook and Instagram. They have stopped posting content and paying for ads due to Facebook's lack of oversight on their platform. I'd be curious to know what others think. An excerpt from their statement is below.

"Whether it’s the Cambridge Analytica data leak, election interference by foreign powers, or an unwillingness to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and hate speech, Facebook seems to consistently pick the wrong side of history. On a personal level, I acknowledge that Facebook is the primary channel for staying connected to friends and family members for many folks. And as we’ve quarantined these last few months, that connection may have been a lifeline for many. On a business level, Facebook’s advertising platform is unparalleled. Sure there are other digital platforms, but they lack Facebook’s reach and efficiency. For small businesses struggling to survive the pandemic, advertising is a crucial connection to customers.

But some corporate advertisers have decided that Facebook’s unwillingness to deal with the racism and calls for violence by its users warrant a boycott. They’ve pulled their advertising through July. It’s an attempt to force Facebook to change its hands-off approach, but realistically, does anyone believe Facebook — specifically Mark Zuckerberg — will make any meaningful change? NTEN doesn’t. That’s why we’ve already pulled our ads from Facebook and Instagram. We’ve also stopped posting to both sites. This is, admittedly, symbolic. I doubt Facebook noticed when our tiny ad budget was pulled. It also doesn’t cost us anything. NTEN can not only survive but continue to grow without Facebook’s assistance. That’s an organizational privilege I know not every organization shares."