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What topics would you like to learn or chat more about?

Welcome to the discussion board of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity EE Pro group!

This is a place where you can ask critical questions or discuss topics related to DEI. To start, we would love to know what you want to learn, talk, and read about! Please reply to this post with topics, and we will make sure there are discussion threads throughout the year related to the topics you are interested in.

Some examples of topics could be:
- Creating an inclusive organizational culture
- Recruiting and supporting a diverse staff
- Developing inclusive curriculum for program participants

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

What about partnership with charities? I learned in the last online conference, that many projects were made possible with the help of a charity called "Autism Speaks." That particular charity is notorious in the autism community, because it employs no autistic personnel, and has a history of supporting dubious, disrespectful, and dangerous practices, all in the name of finding a cure for something that is not a disease.
I was confused. Did they clean up their act? Do they simply give money to any group that works with autistic people?
How are partnerships with charities generally decided?
If Autism Speaks had been rejected, would the programs have been able to find a more respectable charity instead? What would you do if a dubious organization offered to support one of your programs?