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Taking the Guidelines for Excellence Workshops Online

Hi folks - the eePRO Higher Education group has been discussion strategies for taking their EE courses online given the new normal of COVID-19. I responded to that thread about possibilities related to the Guidelines for Excellence. Here's what I wrote. Anyone interested in helping to think about how we can develop online learning resources for the Guidelines for Excellence?

Hello All,
What a wonderful sharing of ideas and resources. I know that many of you introduce your students to the Guidelines for Excellence:

You may not know that we have developed a series of workshop modules that help folks dive deeper into each of the guidelines publications:

The workshop modules were designed for face-to-face workshops (typically 5-7 hours). But, I'm wondering if many of the activities could be adapted for online use, especially using a flipped classroom model where the students do the readings and work in small groups to complete an activity (via phone or skype or ?) and then, the class time is focused on reporting out and debriefing????

We've been thinking that we needed to build some better online opportunities for folks related to the Guidelines for Excellence. I'm more than happy to work with some folks to try this out! Email me if you are interested: borasimmons@gmail.com(link sends e-mail)