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Origins of Forest Fridays work

Hello! The forest kindergarten I am Director of is starting a new "Forest Fridays" program and I'm curious about the origins of the term. I associate it with public schools and would like for our work to move in that direction. Does anyone know where that term originated? Or would you be willing to share what associations you have when you hear it? Thanks!

Hi Sarah,
I work in independent schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I used the term Forest Fridays for my weekly trips out into nature with my students. I thought I was being original when I started calling the program Forest Fridays, but clearly I am not alone! :) I don't know if there is a specific origin story to the term other than the fact that it's a nice alliteration and rolls off the tongue easily.
At my current school the schedule didn't allow us to take our forest trips on Fridays, so we go on Thursdays and just call it Forest Days.
Hope that helps!