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Current status of Environmental Literacy Plans?

I am a PhD student doing research on educator environmental literacy and i am trying to find the most up to date accounting of how many states have ELPs and their location. The NAAEE document about ELPs is from 2014 and I am hoping for something more recent. Can anyone suggest a person or website that can help with this?

Thanks for your help,

Hi, Roberta: Such a great question. I'm sorry for my delayed response to this but, assuming you're still looking (and/or knowing that others will be interested in this, too!), some of the best resources for answering this question are at NAAEE. Sarah Bodor is a great person to ask: sarah at I, too, know of the 2014 report, and since then know that CA and DE released plans as well. Sarah will definitely have the most up-to-date info for you.