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Looking for organizational leaders

Are you an organization who has implemented intentional professional development, coaching, or reflective practices with your informal education employees to strengthen and grow your team? Specifically, has investing in these practices allowed your organization to become a leader in your community, created strong team culture, increased inclusion and diversity, and/or increased the ability to adapt programming during COVID-19?

I am looking for organizational leaders (managers, directors, etc.) from across the country who would be interested in creating a short 5-10 minute video sharing their professional development/staff training methods and practices with other organizations as part of my graduate school leadership project for Miami University’s Project Dragonfly program. Many smaller or newer non-profit education organizations either do not have the funding to implement intentional professional development practices or do not know how to do so. The goal of this project is to virtually gather organizational leaders from across the country to share their methods, positive results, and give guidance to participants. These videos will be put together to create a cohesive 60-minute presentation for the NAAEE Conference in October 2021. The conference presentation is titled “Building a Foundation of Professional Development and Reflective Practice”.

Interest form: If interested, please fill out the interest form as soon as possible to let me know you plan to submit a video! Videos do NOT need to be fancy - I will edit them and tie them all together.

Video Information: Submit a short 5-10 minute video describing your professional development/reflection/coaching practices, how it has strengthened your team, and any advice you have for others. Your organization will be acknowledged for your participation. Videos submissions are due no later than September 10th.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at cwilems@galvbay.org.
Thank you!
Cindy Wilems
Director of Education, Galveston Bay Foundation