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2021 Earth Educators’ Rendezvous

The seventh annual Earth Educators' Rendezvous is coming up!

From the event's website:
The Rendezvous' combination of workshops, posters, talks, round-table discussions, and plenary presentations is designed to help guide participants through a suite of interrelated challenges that are characteristic of Earth Education in schools, colleges, and universities today by:

1. providing instructors who are teaching Earth topics at all educational levels (K-16) with examples of instructional strategies that have been shown to improve student learning
2. addressing teaching challenges specific to particular settings (e.g., large classes, labs, field work), topics (e.g., teaching about sustainability, atmospheric science), or skills (e.g., spatial reasoning)
3. developing students' competency in a range of geoscientific tasks that involve higher order skills such as systems thinking, data analysis and quantitative skills
4. supporting instructors and administrators in creating lessons and programming to increase the number and diversity of students who learn about Earth
5. helping graduate students and post-docs prepare for an academic career in Earth-related disciplines
collaborating with colleagues across the disciplines to situate learning about Earth in a societal context
6. supporting current and future teachers in successfully implementing the Next Generation Science Standards
pursuing education research that supports our ability to address these challenges