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Apply to be a Global Schools Advocate

Serving as an Advocate for Global Schools and the United Nations SDSN will equip you with the knowledge of sustainable development, including key educational frameworks and models, including Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Global Citizenship Education (GCE), and 21st Century Skills. The program will also equip Advocates with the tools to help transform learning environments. The Advocates will serve as official spokespersons for Global Schools and serve as local Focal Points within schools to continue advocating for ESD within learning communities. The Advocates will serve a term from February to August 2021, with the option to extend their mandate. Advocates will be given access to other training opportunities and webinars during the months schools are on holiday.

The primary responsibilities of the Advocates include:

1. Complete the online training. The advocates will participate in a four-hour online training program to develop their understanding of sustainable development, Global Schools, and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
2. Introduce ESD to their school. Advocates will be given a Toolkit with a presentation as well as a workshop that they can adapt to school communities.
3. Integrate ESD activities in classrooms and/or the school community. Advocates will be given a Toolkit with Lesson Plans and Activities that they can carry out throughout the year in their classroom and/or school. The Advocates program does not require teachers to implement a defined curriculum.
4. Share their Journey. Advocates will be tasked with sharing their journey with the Global Schools community. They can also share projects and initiatives with school leadership, parents, and the greater community.


At time of applying for this role the candidate should:
● Possess a good command of the English language.
● Commit to the vision of the program and comply with the standards and level of professionalism set by Global Schools.
● Be employed at a primary or secondary school. Teachers working through fellowship programs at primary and secondary schools (ie Fulbright, UN Volunteers, Peace Corps) are eligible. Those employed at Teacher training colleges, universities, or post-secondary institutions are not eligible.
● Be able to commit at least 5 hours per week for this role.
● Be absolutely self-driven, accountable and responsible for meeting his/her goals.
● Be self-driven and able to communicate effectively with school leadership and other teachers.