Biodiversity Education Center Naturalist

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 5:00pm



Coppell, TX
United States

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Job Description:

The naturalist develops and facilitates small and large group events to educate citizens on wildlife found in Coppell and the surrounding areas.  It requires superior customer service skills, creativity, strong problem-solving skills, and ability to work independently with a safety-focus in mind.  Passion for public service a must. 

The ideal BEC Naturalist candidate will have experience translating their passion for the natural world into dynamic and engaging educational programs. 

The naturalist works in typical office conditions and a under a wide variety of weather and terrain outdoor conditions at Coppell Nature Park.  Flexible schedule varies based on BEC needs and allows for personal demands.  Occasional evenings and weekends required.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Open/close building.
  • Monitor building maintenance needs.
  • Assist with programming during open facility hours.
  • Maintain the BEC use calendar.
  • Communicate with building users via email and phone.
  • Assist with schedule programs and activities when needed.
  • Orient users of the facility by checking out keys, alarm codes and going over AV and furniture use.
  • Answer phone questions and customer on site questions.
  • Oversee general trail condition and maintenance needs of the Coppell Nature Park trail system and communicate trail needs to supervisor.
  • Plan, develop, support participatory environmental learning activities.
  • Communicate and coordinate essential stakeholders and volunteers to facilitate field trips, activities, and events.
  • Recruit and coordinate training of volunteers and docents.
  • Evaluate program supply needs and secure needed supplies from approved vendors.
  • Market and advertise BEC events through city, web, and print media.
  • Report quarterly volunteer total hours and BEC usage to the Community Programs Manager
  • Maintain, update, and assist with registration and recordkeeping of volunteer profiles in system.
  • Ensure staff and customer safety.

Physical Requirement:

The physical requirements include, but are not limited to:  being able to lift and carry various objects and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds for a distance of 10-20 feet; being able to pull and push various equipment up to 45 pounds, including those that are oversized or awkward to handle; using multiple postures, both static and dynamic, including standing, sitting, walking, forward reaching, kneeling, squatting, handling (gripping & grasping), fingering, bending, stooping, turning, balancing; and being able to perform these tasks repeatedly or for a sustained amount of time.  Employee must also use speaking, hearing, near/far acuity, depth perception and peripheral vision to complete daily tasks.


Great verbal and interpersonal skills are necessary.  Also must be able to handle large crowds, diffuse customer complaints, type 45 wpm, use power tools, fax machine, copier, and computer printer.  Employee must work with customers and fellow staff.  Employee must be able to evacuate building for fire, emergency weather secure, or other emergency situations.  Also must be comfortable with assisting in registration for classes. 


Employee must possess knowledge of customer service and basic office equipment, as well as basic classroom management principles.  Knowledge of CPR and related techniques is preferred


A high school diploma is required.  One (1) plus years of previous experience in an environmental education or naturalist environment is required.  Master Naturalist, Project Learning Tree training, or other professional certification preferred. Candidate must possess a valid State of Texas Driver’s License and have a good driving record. Certification of CPR/FA is preferred; it will be required upon hire.  Employee must be at least 18 years old. 


How to Apply:

To apply:

Compensation Information:

$12.81 - $15.69 Hourly DOQ


The City of Coppell is self-funded and pays one half employee coverage for medical and dental (HMO plan) insurance.  The employee pays dependent coverage for medical and dental.  Coverage is effective the first of the month concurrent with or following date of hire.

Medical Insurance

We offer a PPO United Healthcare Options network HRA annual rollover plan.  For this plan year, the HRA funded by the City is $250 reimbursement for in-network deductibles and 20% co-insurance only.  The fiscal year individual/family in-network deductible is $2,500/$5,000 with 80% coverage after deductible.  Office co-pays are $40 for PCP, $50 for specialists.  Basic outpatient lab work by Lab Corp is covered 100% up to $1,000. Our plan summary and premium rate sheet is on our website.

Dental Insurance 

Our dental insurance is through Guardian and offers the HMO and PPO plan.  Both plans include two cleanings each year per person.  The HMO out of pocket is based on set fees with no deductible or maximum. The PPO plan has 80% basic coverage and 50% major coverage after a $50/$150 individual/family deductible.  Orthodontia is also available on both plans for adults and children. 

Prescription Benefit

Our prescription benefit is through Envision Rx Options.  There is a $50 brand plan year deductible. Then following applies: 

                        30 day supply               90 day supply (mail order or retail)

                        Tier 1  - $5                     Tier 1 (generic)              -  $10
                        Tier 2 - $40                    Tier 2 (name brand)        -  $80
                        Tier 3 - $70                    Tier 3 (non formulary)     -  $140
                        Specialty Drug - $300


Our vision plan is with Superior Vision with $10 exam/$25 eyewear in-network co-pays. Annual exams and most lenses are paid in full after co-pays. Frames are paid once each 12 months up to $125 retail value.  Contact lenses are paid once each 12 months up to $150. The premium rates are on our website. 

TMRS (Texas Municipal Retirement System)

TMRS is your retirement program.  Employees contribute 7% of gross earnings each paycheck.  The City's match is 2 to 1 upon retirement.  TMRS members are vested with 5 years of service.  Employees are eligible to retire with 20 years of service or at age 60 with 5 years of service.


The City of Coppell has 10 ½ paid holidays per year: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 ½ days), Christmas (2 days) and one personal day. Part-time employees are eligible for holiday pay at ½ the hours allowed for full-time employees with the exception of the ½ day before Thanksgiving, which is the full four hours.


The City of Coppell pays $3 per month for accumulated months of service in a lump sum annually in November.

Compensation Incentive

The City of Coppell gives part-time employees $75 per month to apply first towards their medical premium if applicable, or invest in our ICMA 457 plan.

Deferred Compensation Plan

ICMA provides tax-deferred supplemental 457 retirement programs for employees to contribute a portion of their salary, before taxes, to a retirement account.

Flex Spending Section 125

Part-time employees may participate in the Flexible Benefit Plan, which corresponds to Section 125 of the IRS Code. The plan allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for out of pocket medical, dental, vision and related health care expenses. Employees may also elect to contribute to a dependent care reimbursement account through voluntary pre-tax payroll deductions.

Direct Deposit

Wages paid directly into your checking and/or savings accounts. 

Wellness Health Center

Free to City of Coppell employees and dependents on our medical plan for health coaching and acute care.


Free individual and family membership for employees.

Coppell Library

All employees and their families have free access to our Library.

Employee Assistance Program

The City of Coppell pays for confidential counseling on life and family issues.

Civil Leave

Employees receive paid leave for jury duty and other approved civil leave.

Military Leave

Full pay for up to 15 work days per fiscal year and one time partial pay for up to 180 days if eligible.

Workers' Compensation

Anytime an employee is injured on the job during the scope of City business, the employee is covered by workers' compensation insurance.

Other Optional Benefits:

Legal Shield


Contact Name:

Jen Ferguson

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