Curriculum Consultant for Children’s Garden Expansion Curriculum Development Project

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Deadline to Apply:

Monday, March 28, 2022, 11:00pm



Green Bay, WI
United States

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Green Bay Botanical Garden (“the Garden”) is expanding its children’s garden from .5 acres to 2.5 acres. With this expansion comes the need to create new programming focused around the themes in that space (Addendum A) to provide quality educational experiences for schools, childcare facilities, families, and general visitors. To aid the Garden Education Team (“the Team”) in the process of programming this area, we are seeking a consultant to review and synthesize data from a needs assessment the Team will carry out of environmental education in northeast Wisconsin. Based on that research, the consultant will work with the Team to outline themes, target age ranges, and connections to the Wisconsin Standards for Science, Next Generation Science Standards as well as Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability for new, experiential field trip curriculum in the Children’s Garden Expansion.

In addition, an interpretive plan outlining themes for interactive signs in each area of the Children’s Garden Expansion is needed to supplement self-guided tours and provide informal education to the general visitor. The consultant will assist in identifying those best themes and reviewing content created by the Team.

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to connect people with plants by providing year-round educational and recreational experiences for everyone in an environment that engages, inspires, and refreshes. But what are the most engaging, inspiring, and refreshing topics to focus on in our Children’s Garden Expansion? To achieve our mission, we need to better understand what types of programming and experiences best serve the needs and interests of the community, especially in relation to K-12 education. We also want to ensure that our programing is reflective of the diversity of our community, provides access to all learners, and incorporates social/emotional learning considerations.

See the full position description in the attached RFP_Curriculum Consultant_Green Bay Botanical Garden.

How to Apply:

Direct questions and proposal submissions to:

Linda Gustke, Director of Education & Guest Experience

920.491.3691 ext. 122

Proposal Submission Materials

  1. Narrative describing your approach to the project.
  2. Summary of qualifications and key resumes.
  3. Consultant fees.
  4. Examples of two relevant projects and illustrative materials.
  5. Client references with contact information.
  6. Additional background materials (optional).