Girl Experience Program Specialist

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Warwick, RI
United States

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Job Description:

The Girl Experience Program Specialist delivers the national Girl Scout Leadership Experience curricula in alignment with the strategic priorities of  GSSNE for girls in grades K – 12. The Girl Experience Program Specialist will deliver and support several signature program events throughout the year. They collaborate with volunteers and program partners to plan and implement programs and activities and create both short and long-term opportunities for volunteer involvement in programming.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Plans and develops program curriculum offerings that customize, supplement, and enrich the national program for girls grades K – 12 that addresses the five GSUSA focus areas (STEM, Entrepreneurism, Healthy Living, Environmental Stewardship, and Global Citizenship).

• Develop curriculum for summer outreach programs

• Prepares budgets for assigned Girl Scout program functions.

• Establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with community organizations, agencies, and businesses.

• Participates in the short-term and long-term strategies, budgets, and risk management systems.

• Oversees the work of volunteer committees and teams.

• Works collaboratively with other members of the mission delivery team to market and promote programs and assist in grant funding.

• Facilitate girl experience programs and virtual troops

• Manage Girl Scouts Highest Award projects through girl training and editing and approval of submitted projects.

• Manage and approve troops forms (i.e., intent to travel, money earning, and special troop activities)

• Maintains social media pertaining to the Girl Experience Team

• Manage and answer inquiries though customer care/Salesforce 

Assist the Customer Care Specialist with program registration buildout

• Willingness to get trained and certified in archery and the High Ropes Course

• Promotes Girl Scouts in the community.

• Collaborate with other GSSNE departments as necessary

• Carries out other duties and assignments as assigned by supervisor.

Competencies and Areas of Expertise:

• Interpersonal Relations: Establishes rapport with others at all organizational levels; respects others; considers and responds to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of others; establishes and maintains an open dialogue with others; establishes a climate in which all people are comfortable to discuss various issues and concerns that may impact council work.

• Customer Responsiveness: Seeks and acknowledges the views and ideas from customers (for example, internal and external); identifies, prioritizes, and balances customer issues; takes time to answer questions and explain decisions; follows through on commitments to customers in a timely manner; maintains a commitment to continuous improvement.

• Self-Management: Assesses own skills and abilities and identifies areas for improvement; willingly accepts constructive feedback; seeks developmental opportunities; sets and achieves goals; works independently.

• Time Management: Manages time effectively; completes assignments in a timely manner; sets and balances priorities; simultaneously manages multiple tasks/projects.

• Oral Communication: Expresses ideas and facts in a clear and understandable manner appropriate for the individual or group; listens to and comprehends what others are saying; prepares organized and structured presentations; makes oral presentations using appropriate inflections, volume, tone, and non-verbal communication; skilled in public speaking and phone etiquette.

• Organizational Knowledge: Understands Girl Scout purpose and organizational structure, including functions, operations, and interrelationships; keeps up-to-date on key GSUSA and council-specific policies, priorities, processes, and practices; understands how his/her job relates to and supports GSUSA goals, including increasing and developing membership and volunteer support; is aware of the organizational culture and knows how work is accomplished; knows the roles and responsibilities of staff and volunteers; is familiar with membership policies, standards, and resources.

• Project Management: Formulates short- and long-term project goals, objectives, schedules, and priorities in line with council goals; anticipates issues, obstacles, or opportunities that may impact plans or actions; establishes courses of action for accomplishing goals while attending to and incorporating information obtained during day-to-day administrative tasks; identifies outcome measures at beginning of project.

• Child Development: Incorporates knowledge of child growth and development into the design of age-appropriate activities/curricula; adapts existing programs to girls of different ability levels. 


• Bachelor’s Degree in related field (preferred) or related experience.

Required, Specialized, or Technical Knowledge:

• Be first aid and CPR certified, or willingness to obtain.

• Possess a valid driver’s license

• Minimum of 2 years directly relevant work experience, preferably in a nonprofit organization.

• Experienced in curriculum development, program and event planning, training, volunteer management, customer service, leadership, collaborative project management, and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to think critically, organize, and plan and implement multi-faceted workload with minimum supervision and as a member of cross-functional teams.

• Proficient computer operation skills and in use of technology, social media, and Microsoft Office Suite applications.

• Excellent written/verbal communication skills.

• Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends.

• Ability to lift, carry, push, or pull (minimum 20 – 25 pounds).

• Perform tasks outdoors under varying climatic conditions and indoors in environmentally controlled conditions.

• Daily access to transportation, along with documentation of required automobile insurance, and ability to transport supplies. 

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please submit a resume, list of three references, and a short statement of why you are interested in this role to with the title “Girl Experience Program Specialist” in the subject line.