Lead and Interns for Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach

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Boulder City, NV
United States

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Job Description:

  • Staffs launch ramps and is responsible for educating visitors regarding the requirements both state and federal requirements for boater safety and the reasons for the regulations.
  • Advise visitors concerning aquatic invasive species (AIS), water safety, resource protection, and proper use of facilities. Record visitor use patterns and their effect on the resources. Performs launch ramp, marina, and beach roves informing boater of AIS and educates on the prevention of the spread of AIS to other bodies of water.  Informs law enforcement of non-compliant boaters.
  • Professionally interacts with a variety of people including the visiting public, park colleagues, and staff from park partner and permittee organizations.  Clearly and effectively communicates information related to AIS to the people/groups listed above.  Uses tact and diplomacy to handle contentious situations.
  • Educates and informs visitors about the significance of the resources of the park, about the laws, rules, regulations relating to the protection of resources from AIS, and about operations of the park and safe use of the resources.  Preserves the natural and cultural resources of the park by preventing the degradation, deterioration, and destruction of the ecosystems, scenery, wildlife, historical structures and artifacts through implementation of the park’s invasive species program.
  • Informs visitors about park facilities and resources.  Provides visitors with information concerning points of interest, travel routes, historical and natural features and park activities.  Provides answers to recurring and nonrecurring visitor questions concerning the park area.  Learns park resources by reviewing maps, park research materials, and other documents previously prepared by park rangers and other professionals. 
  • Duties are performed on or off site at locations designated by the park (e.g., visitor center, community events, marinas, and launch ramps).
  • Informs visitors about park flora and the life habits and behavior of park fauna, with emphasis on behavior that may be potentially dangerous to visitors.   As assigned, performs resource management tasks and duties supporting the mission of the park.
  • Performs work safely by adhering to all established safety procedures.

Related Responsibilities:

  • Participate in trainings provided by Lake Mead NRA staff
  • Professionally represent Lake Mead NRA in the community
  • Meet with Host Site Supervisor on a weekly basis
  • Participate in community service days organized by NCC Program
  • Participate in regular AmeriCorps team meetings

How to Apply:

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Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Outreach Lead Internship