Lead Teacher

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Yosemite, CA
United States

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Job Description:

Title: Lead Teacher

Non-Exempt/Full Time

Reports to: Executive Director

Wage Range: $11.50-$14.00 per hour

Duty: El Portal or Yosemite Valley

Employer Paid Benefits: Annual Sick and Vacation Leave

Possess an extensive working knowledge of best childcare practices and early childhood development

Proficient in writing, listening and oral communication skills

Ability to demonstrate and maintain confidentiality, exercise wisdom, reason, and patience, and make independent decisions within the scope of the position

Ability to maintain a professional and friendly demeanor with strong leadership capabilities in: team building and staff relationships, teamwork, problem solving, planning, organization, and implementation, building trust with staff, children and parents

Ability to be empathetic and responsive to the concerns and needs of parents, guardians, children, and staff within the scope of YNPCCC’s mission, policies, procedures, capabilities, and Title 22 Health and Safety Regulations

Position Summary:
The Lead Teacher is responsible for day to day management of the teaching and aide staff, classrooms and playground and general supervision of the facility. He or she is responsible for maintaining and encouraging a friendly and loving environment and the ongoing safety of children and staff. In collaboration with the Executive Director and Teaching Staff the lead teacher is an integral part of the planning and implementation of age appropriate activities based on YNPCCC’s Curriculum Matrix that promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child.


The Lead Teacher will:

Adhere to all YNPCCC General Policies and Procedures, Personnel Handbook, (Parent) Handbook and Health and Safety Requirements as stated in Title 22 and provide leadership to teachers and aides in following them

Lead and encourage teamwork, and promote consistency among staff in adhering to the schedules of YNPCCC, including the full scope of learning activities, facility upkeep, punctuality, snack and lunch protocol, staff breaks and parent/guardian communication systems

Lead staff in consistently modeling best teaching practices based on the foundations of appropriate and balanced childhood development that utilize auditory, visual, tactile, and oral approaches; including but not limited to: art, language, math, eye-hand activities, music and movement, science, and role-play

Consistently communicate staff, student/family accomplishments and concerns to the Executive Director, receive guidance and work for resolution of staff, student/family, and facility needs

In collaboration with the Executive Director will lead actions regarding: Suspicious persons or behaviors near the grounds/facility, evacuation, suspected child abuse, severe and/or life-threatening injury to staff or children

Present to Executive Director ideas for and participate in planning of special facility events/visitors for the children such as graduation, parties, and visitors of special interest

Maintain both the Facility Daily Staff Communication Log and Facilities Maintenance Log

Immediately inform Executive Director of student, staff and/or facility maintenance concerns affecting the health and welfare of children and staff

Receive calls from ill staff/secure substitutes, coordinate with other facility’s Lead Teacher as necessary to secure substitutes as needed

Immediately inform Executive Director of staff illness and outcome of replacement efforts

Complete monthly:
Lesson plans

Conduct and log fire and evacuation drills

Gather information from staff members and compile Parent Connection Newsletter “staff communication paragraph” and submit to Executive Director

Ensure completion and submission to Executive Director of monthly operational and art supplies inventories

Consistently communicate procedure and/or policy concerns and staff, student/family accomplishments/concerns to the Executive Director

Participate in the gathering of completed documents from parents/guardians

Participate in staff meetings and in-service training, updating CPR and First Aid as required by Title 22

Participate in planning and communication efforts for special family events such as graduation, parties and classroom visitors enhancing the YNPCCC program

Participate in conferences and outside position related training as requested by Executive Director

Other duties as assigned

How to Apply:

Please send your cover letter, resume and references to ynpchildcare@gmail.com.