Museum Educator - STEAM Activator

This job has expired and is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.


Detroit, MI
United States

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Job Description:

Core Roles:

  • Provide high energy, entertaining and educational live, lab, floor, and classroom presentations to a wide variety of audiences
  • Assist in evaluating all programs and performances utilizing surveys and recommending areas of improvement
  • Execute processes and procedures in daily opening, activities’ prep, and daily closing
  • Engage visitors on floor and within exhibit spaces at MiSci with experiences and interactions that spark curiosity and a better understanding of our world through STE(A)M
  • Guide visitor and student learning in STE(A)M
  • Support Planetarium & Live Theater Manager and Visitor Learning & Engagement Manager in development of exhibit and program curriculum and design

Qualification and Education Requirements

  • Knowledgeable and curious about physical sciences, life sciences, space sciences, engineering and/or technology
  • Knowledgeable and comfortable in public presentations for large and small groups, as well as one-on-one interactions
  • STE(A)M education background or strong content knowledge within a STE(A)M field, a plus
  • Acting and/or Improv background and experience, a plus
  • Must be able to learn new information (STE(A)M-based/relevant) in short amount of time and communicate with accuracy

How to Apply:

Apply by visiting the below website to complete an application form:

Contact if you should have any questions.