Piedmont Program Director

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Friday, September 30, 2016, 5:00pm



Brevard, NC
United States

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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT​: Piedmont Program Director


Salisbury, NC. ​Muddy Sneakers’ new Piedmont NC Field Office will look to serve public schools in Rowan, Davidson, Randolph, Stanly and Montgomery Counties


The position of Piedmont Program Director for Muddy Sneakers’ (MS) is a full­time (35 hours per week), salaried position. The Piedmont Program Director is responsible for overseeing the planning, delivery, and evaluation of all Piedmont programs; trainings, supervision, and evaluation of all field instructor staff; safety and quality of program delivery; coordination of and communication with local partners including school/district personnel, parents, and partners of the organization; and, in collaboration with MS’ Executive Director and Expansion Coordinator, community/regional outreach and development as necessary to benefit the Piedmont NC Field Office and its associated program area.

The Piedmont Program Director is expected to attract, recruit and maintain a highly trained and qualified staff of field instructors and administrative support; provide leadership to the organization in order to produce exceptional programs for students; lead the staff with integrity and provide a strong foundation for the organization’s future by maintaining excellent partner relations, implementing financially sound practices and delivering quality curriculum in a safe program environment.

The Piedmont Program Director reports directly to MS’ Executive Director.

Essential Functions:

  • Effectively communicate in both verbal and written communications
  • Listen to and comprehend oral communication
  • Read written documentation both on paper and on screen
  • Be comfortable and work effectively in an outdoor or natural setting
  • Be comfortable and work effectively in an office setting
  • Recognize and respond positively to social cues
  • Comfortable making difficult decisions in stressful situations with full knowledge of organizational policy and procedure
  • Utilize discretion when faced with sensitive issues that could impact individual parties involved in/with MS or the organization as a whole
  • Work in a team, be comfortable in group settings and respect a chain of command

Experience and Attributes​:​

Ideal candidates will be committed to MS’ mission and possess relevant professional experience and key personal attributes including:

  • ­  A minimum of a Bachelor's degree, ideally in a related field
  • ­  At least 5 years experience in education or related field, including significant experience in experiential education, teaching, and program administration
  • ­  Strong leadership capabilities
  • Sound business judgment and demonstrated ability in financial management
  • ­  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • ­  Experience with networking
  • ­  Experience with basic fundraising and grant writing
  • ­  Experience managing staff and conducting workshops and trainings
  • ­  Positive work ethic and attitude
  • ­  Strong knowledge of computers and MS Office software, preferably Apple/Macintosh platform

Specific duties include​:

Administrative Tasks​:

  • All administrative tasks necessary for successful implementation of PNC programming
  • Purchase and distribute as necessary supplies/equipment related to PNC programing
  • Report regularly as scheduled to Executive Director with programming updates and, as
  • requested, present on programming­related topics before the Board of Directors
  • Annual site permit coordination

Financial Tasks​:

  • Coordinate annual programming budget and in coordination with Executive Director
  • Work closely with the Executive Director in conducting periodic budget evaluations
  • Coordinate staff payroll to ensure it is submitted to the Bookkeeper on time and with good

Record keeping:

  • Close record keeping of all expenditures tied to grant funding for auditing and reporting purposes

Personnel and Staff support:​

  • Foster strong communication and relationships throughout the staff
  • Manage bi­annual staff evaluations both in the field and in­person, assist in establishing and monitoring employee goals and execute a bi­annual performance review process. Additionally, manage the instructor peer review process and teacher/administration program review, including feedback from the use of pre­ and post­expedition materials
  • Organize all staff meetings as needed to successfully execute the organization’s initiatives ­ currently two, two­three day sessions in August and January each year, prior to the start of each semester’s programming
  • Ensure exemplary safety practices in the field. Ensure that all instructors have current Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification, CPR and anaphylaxis trainings and coordinate renewal for all staff each year
  • Manage internal staff and third­party grievances, in coordination with Executive Director as necessary
  • Hire and fire field staff, as needed, to fulfill/maintain program obligations

Fundraising and Public/Community Relations:

  • Assist the Executive Director and the Board’s development efforts as necessary, primarily through occasional grant writing and community outreach efforts
  • Build close relationships with school partners: superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, and students
  • Serve as the public face and spokesperson for MS’ Piedmont Field Office through public speaking engagements, print media and online social media opportunities
  • Manage the process for nominating/awarding an annual ‘Teacher of the Year’ for the Piedmont program area
  • Help to facilitate field staff participation with MS’ social media and photography needs

Education and Program Monitoring​:

  • Train, supervise, support and evaluate all field staff
  • Oversee planning, delivery and evaluation of all Piedmont, school­year programs, specifically through personal field instruction, staff shadowing and structured evaluation
  • Oversee safety and quality of program delivery (collaborate to ensure field office is meeting fidelity measures)
  • Provide a written review of each instructor’s teaching each year to be included with bi­annual instructor evaluations for that instructor’s personal file. Provide field staff with written andin ­person feedback when appropriate.
  • Keep up­to­date with NC DPI curriculum changes and the tracking of each partner school’s end-­of-­grade (EOG) scoring
  • Collaborate in the management of the multi­year NC State University (NCSU)/MS research project(s) serving as a voice and ear to the participating schools/districts/field instructors
  • Annually or bi­annually collect qualitative feedback from teachers, parents, and students
  • Ensure programs are delivered at the highest possible quality
  • Keep detailed records of all incident reports and work with field staff to minimize risk.

Education Requirements​:

Applicant must have at a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field, preferably with prior school/professional experience in the field of education, administration, marketing & communications, business management and/or another related field; prior experience in starting or expanding non­profit operations will be given strong consideration.

Term of Position​:

The Piedmont Program Director position is a year­round position with an annual commitment of 35 hours per week.


Starting salary range for the position is $38,000­$44,000 which includes a 10% benefit stipend. Applications are due no later than 5:00pm EST on Friday September 30.​ Applications are to be submitted to Expansion Coordinator Lindsay Green at l​ indsay@muddysneakers.org​ or can be mailed to MS’ home office, c/o Lindsay Green, at the following mailing address: P.O Box 146 Brevard, NC 28712. 

How to Apply:

Applications are due no later than 5:00pm EST on Friday September 30.​ Applications are to be submitted to Expansion Coordinator Lindsay Green at l​indsay@muddysneakers.org​ or can be mailed to MS’ home office, c/o Lindsay Green, at the following mailing address: P.O Box 146 Brevard, NC 28712. http://www.muddysneakers.org

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