Uplift Climate Advocacy Coordinator

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Flagstaff, AZ
United States

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Job Description:

Join our team and help protect and restore the Colorado Plateau — its spectacular landscapes, flowing rivers, clean air, diversity of plants and animals, and areas of beauty and solitude.

Job Description:

Location: Position will be based in Flagstaff, Arizona, with occasional travel to communities on the Colorado Plateau.
Position: 40 hours per week


Salary: $36,000-$40,000/year, with benefits, depending on experience. 

General Description:

The Grand Canyon Trust and Northern Arizona University’s Landscape Conservation Initiative are seeking a highly motivated individual to organize climate advocacy among young conservation leaders on the Colorado Plateau. A primary emphasis of this work and the position will be to oversee a yearly climate advocacy gathering known as Uplift. The Trust and the Landscape Conservation Initiative are invested in empowering the next generation of conservation advocates and listening to new and creative ideas for climate change solutions on the Colorado Plateau. This position offers an opportunity to engage directly in all aspects of conservation, from grassroots organizing and event planning to grant writing and public communications. This is a unique position and excellent leadership opportunity for someone looking to creatively and effectively address climate change and climate justice issues on the Colorado Plateau.

Goals of Uplift Program:

  • The overarching goal for the Uplift program is to build a self-sustaining community of young environmental leaders on the Colorado Plateau who are able to impact regional decision-making, guide conservation priorities, broadcast climate stories in regional and national media, and support a sustainable and just future for the arid southwest – all with a focus on social justice, inclusivity, and youth empowerment. 
  • A central objective for the Uplift program is to gather and empower youth across the Colorado Plateau by organizing and overseeing an annual gathering of youth called the Colorado Plateau Uplift Gathering. This gathering has provided, and will continue to provide, a venue for sharing successes, providing skills training, and provoking authentic discussion and debate about conservation priorities and strategies in the face of a rapidly changing climate. 

Activities and Responsibilities:

Project Management: Through an application process, assemble an Uplift organizing team of young, motivated, and diverse leaders from across the Colorado Plateau who will work together to plan and host Uplift. Oversee and coordinate event planning logistics with the team, including organizing meetings, delegating tasks, and monitoring progress so that the next Uplift gathering is clearly focused, well managed, diverse in terms of ideas and participation, and inclusive.

Grass Roots Organizing: Working with team members, hold community meetings and other outreach events to recruit Uplift attendees, workshop leaders, speakers, and sponsors. Form collaborative partnerships with other organizations or entities working on climate change and climate justice issues. Build a climate action network on the Colorado Plateau by creating a year-round presence in the Uplift community. Seek creative strategies for motivating young people to participate, collaborate, and take collective action to create the world they want. 

Climate Change Research: The Coordinator will spend a portion of his or her time working with Landscape Conservation Initiative and Grand Canyon Trust scientists to research current climate issues and challenges, and to ground advocacy opportunities in sound science.

Fundraising/Grant Writing: Work closely with the Trust’s Development Director and Volunteer Program Director to seek out and secure funding from foundations or other sources to support Uplift project expenses.

Communications: Work with the Trust’s Communications Director to produce communications content (blogs, social media posts, Advocate articles, film) in an effort to recruit Uplift attendees and speakers, publicize Uplift, generate media attention and share stories and outcomes. Manage Uplift’s website, www.upliftclimate.org.

Organizational Integration: Work closely with the Trust, Landscape Conservation Initiative, and other organizations to integrate new advocacy ideas and solutions into organizational priorities and programs of work. 

Job Requirements:

  • Familiarity and/or experience with Colorado Plateau conservation issues is a must. Experience in grassroots organizing and a strong interest in climate solutions required. 
  • Familiarity with the diverse cultures and perspectives of the people of the Colorado Plateau, and the ability to work with and find common ground among people with different experiences, and sometimes differing values, is essential.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, writing, time management and organizational skills.
  • Creative ability, vision, and an aptitude for innovation and problem solving.
  • Must be a self-starter, and highly motivated to do what it takes to get the job done; Enthusiasm, energy, sense of humor, and a high level of commitment to the work of the Trust; Occasional work on weekends will be required. 
  • Proficient in database management, basic office software, social media and other communication platforms and website development; Photo and video editing a plus


How to Apply:

Application Materials

Please send a cover letter, resumé, writing sample and 3 references to: ethompson@grandcanyontrust.org

The Grand Canyon Trust is an equal opportunity employer.